Dairy Drunk Outcrosses

Chaze "Superauto" (semi-auto, lol) x Deep Sea Creature F8/BX3 "Pink/Resin" male. These are outdoor growers' gold, we crossed the Dairy Drunk resin males to a series of half-siblings to bring some variety while stabilizing the color, resin and stacked branching that brings heavy yields of super terpy buds from different plants finishing at different times all season long so you'll be smoking fresh buds sooner and for more of the year than you would growing regular photoperiod non-autoflower plants outdoors, and with less plantings than growing strictly autos as well as a likelihood of a plant or two growing full size but still finishing early as some of the most vigorous and robust plants you'll grow.

These can be planted as late as late as late June/early July (depending on climate) outdoors for a successful harvest with good yields