Fun Club

These crosses are as limited as you'd expect from Green Work and Seed The People, so do keep in mind that if ya want it, ya better snag it before it's too late to catch 'em all!!!

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Pink Unicat

Pink Champagne x Pink Platinum

Pink Champagne is also known as the WOW cut and Raspberry Kush. This cross is all about heavy yields of extremely resinous, raspberry/blackberry/black currant/blueberry syrup terps, resinous, resinous, did we say resinous and terpy? Extreme resin and heavy yields of some of the most sweet fruty terpy flowers you'll ever find.


High In The Sky

Platinum Soul x Sour V

Gonna be a load of purple Sprite heavy resin Hawaiian Blueberry Chem goodness in here. There are "bleeders" to be found in these, we strongly suspect...


City Protector

(Misc F1's from Green Work's Flo outcrosses) x (DJ Short Flo)

He protects the city from the bad guys. YEAAAHHHH!!!!
Females crossed to the same Flo male contained within this mix:
- Flurple
- FloNex
- Superfly
- Blnky
- Spaced Flaw
- CherFlobyl
- (Unreleased) Flack Bomb (Black Domina F2 recessive sativa pheno x Flo)
- Orange Gorilla Flu


I Love Leaf

Black Rose F10 x DJ Short Flo

The same famous Black Rose cut found by Green Work and used to make their PBR, also used by Second Generation Genetics to make their Pink Rose, Oregon Cut Throat (aka "OCT") and Ruby Rose, crossed to Green Work's super red, mega-floral, high resin male selecton of DJ Short's Flo. If you love red flowers and mega colorful fades this super limited project is a must-have.


The Fun CLub

DJ Short F5 Blueberry (Jd's Afghani selection) x C99 Pineapple F5

Gigantic purple/blue/lime green flowers coated in resin. Fast finishes, strong sweet terps, all wrapped up in a "true-bred" F1 pack for you to make selections from and take in whatever specific direction you desire.

Welcome to the Fun Club, we've got fun and games!