Green Work Autoflowers

Autoflower genetics grow from seed to finish in 65-90 days, no darkness required. You can give them dark, it's ok. They just don't care a whole lot... That said, if you can manage a 5/1 on/off light cycle, that's our recommended schedule or veg, and we'd like to point out that once flowering, an autoflowering plant flowered with lights on 24/7 generally will not produce double what the same autoflowering plant would yield if flowered under 12/12 or 11/13... We'll let you either do the calculations yourself or catch us on a live IG feed to discuss!

We're almost out of our most recent Deep Sea Creature open pollination using our highly resinous and colorful Deep Sea Creature "F8" male. Once in a while we'll list a pack or two in our shop so be sure to check back and follow us on Instagram for frequent updates!

Berry Calamari

Berry Calamari (Cream Berry x Deep Sea Creature)
Autoflowering hybrid
10-12 weeks flowering time
Berry Calamari grows highly branched plants, as do most of our Deep Sea Creature crosses. Large yields of beautiful blue-ish yellow, purple buds, coated in resin and wonderfully fragrant. This is another cross to try if you’re looking for uncommon terpenes in today’s US cannabis market.


Cranberry Cream

(SO Berry x Deep Sea Creature)

Sativa dominant autoflowering hybrid

Roughly 10 week flowering time unless encouraged to grow a week or so longer through nutrient and pot size adjustments.

SO Berry was such a popular release that we decided to take it a step further with more color. Sour berry terps, rich bud color and beautiful autumn fades set this cross apart from other plants in the grow room. This is one of our most fragrant auto flower crosses made and is sure to please the connoisseur palate. Sour berry, sweet floral, honey cream, earthy pepper flavors and smells.

Giant Squid Autoflower

(Critical Kush x Deep Sea Creature)
Autoflowering hybrid
10-12 week flowering time
A fantastic first grow for someone looking to try out cannabis growing with auto flowers. The plants are forgiving to grow, compared to most.
If you want large, colorful yields of sweet tasting smoke without a lot of problems in the grow room, give these a shot.


Purple Meds Auto

CBD Medi-GOM x Deep Sea Creature
Autoflowering hybrid
Roughly 10 weeks flowering time
CBD:THC ratios ranging from 1:30-30:1 and everything in between with loads of color, resin, weight and candy berry terps.