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These are some of our offerings from over the years. As all of our offerings are limited productions, most of these are no longer available. What we do have can be found in our seed and merch shop. If there's something you see here that isn't listed in our shop please don't hesitate to contact direct

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Quimby x Sour V

Indica Dominant
Flowering Time: 8.5-10 weeks
Terps: Grape candy/sarsaparilla soda/spearmint/lavender/ gas and berry syrup with potpourri undertones 
Effect: Narcotic/relaxing/sleepy/physical/anti-anxiety/appetite stimulation


Alien Babies

Sour Bubble x Sour V

Indica Dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Terps: Chocolate/coffee/pepper/spearmint/pine/berries
Effects: Relaxing/sleepy/sedating/narcotic


Bandaid Chem

Bandaid Haze x Sour V

Sativa Dominant
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks
Terps: Rubber baindaids/sharp onion/chem/copper/subtle floral, berry and earthen hash undertones
Effects: Uplifting/euphoric/creative/psychadelic/exciting


Frosty Balls

Black Triangle x Sour V

Indica Dominant
Flowering Time: 8.5-10 weeks
Terps: Mixtures of floral/pepper/gas/musky/hash/lemon
Effects: Heavy/physical/relaxing/narcotic/anti-anxiety


Rainbow Farts


Flowering Time: 8.5-10 weeks
Terps: Fruity pebbles cereal/bubblegum/candied blackberries/sassafras/spearmint
Effects: Calming/narcotic/creative/dreamy/relaxing


Reefer Gladness

New Berry "A" x Sour V

Flowering Time: 8.5-10 weeks
Terps: Floral/berry/pepper/mint/pine
Effects: Euphoric/dreamy/giggly/uplifting/creative/anti-anxiety/calming


Sour Sack

Sacajawea #15 x Sour V

Indica Dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Terps: Sour grape and cherry candy/cotton candy/marshmallows/pepper/pine
Effects: Sedating/heavy/physical/narcotic/giggly/euphoric


Temple Trip

F13 #17 x Sour V

Sativa Dominant
Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks
Terps: Ranging from musty/funky/chem/hash to floral/berry/earthen/hash
Effects: Uplifting/euphoric/psychedelic/motivational/creative



Qumiby x Flo

Blinky is a cross of Quimby (a West Coast indica) and DJ Short’s Flo.

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Smell/taste: Floral/grape/candy/earthy

Effect: Narcotic/uplifting/euphoric/relaxing

Photo Credit: @the_artisan_mitch916


BOOM Shakalaka!

Ace Malawi x C99 Pineapple F5

Boom Shakalaka is a cross of a female Heirloom Malawi bred by Ace Seeds in Spain, and F5 C99 Pineapple male.

Take her to 10 weeks. Chunky, dense and sticky colas-this strain would be a SOG growers dream come true if flowered straight from rooting, very tight side branching and the cola stacked very nicely.

Flowering Time: 70-75 days

Smell/taste: Rotten fruit/sweet pineapple/light citrus

Effect: Exciting/happy/stimulating

Photo Credit: @shakenbabies420


Cherry Cordial

Black Cherry Soda x Pink Rose

Loads of color in every plant we'v e seen. Fast flowering time at 8-9 weeks max, highly resinous, high yielding, great stuff all around with black chery soda terps not being uncommon along with the ripe berry and fruity, sweet earthen terps.

Photo Credit: @shaken420


Cindy Hendrix

Yeti F4 x Cindy 99 Pineapple F5

Balanced hybrid.
9-11 week flowering time.
Gas/earth/musk/rotten fruit
Laughter, mind expansion.
This is a longer flower and can grow to a very large plant. Restricted root space has shown some phenotypes flower out when rootbound so give these girls some shoes they can grow into.



GDP/Haze x Flo

Super limited release here. This is the mother of a recent cross by Jordan Of The Islands, breeder of God Bud. Most plants lean towards a cross of GDP/Flo with a twist of Haze in the yield and effect more than terpenes or flowering time (9-11 weeks).


Hazy Gorilla Time

(Gorilla Glue #4 x Clockwork Orange) x Ace Malawi

Sativa dominant hybrid.
Tates of gas, metal, pepper, citrus, earth and spice. Quoted from the Green Work Guy:
“Gorilla. Haze. Need I say more? This is a wild f-ing ride. Honestly, even though I bred it and deemed it worthy of release, I go out of my way not to smoke this stuff. It gives me vertigo and makes my heart beat really intensely…Or I just get so high that I think it is. I love GG4, and the GG4 x Clockwork Orange mother was a nice sativa spin on GG4…Gorilla Time though… I mean, holy s—. If you want to get ripped from herb this does it.”
I don’t usually do this, but these seeds come with a warning/disclaimer:
I strongly advise using caution with this strain. I don’t recommend it for people with heart problems or anxiety. Also, I would advise this only for experienced smokers with a couple hours to ride out. If you don't have anxiety problems or whatever knock yourself out but this is far from knockout weed, more like a gassy piffy haze that'll launch you like a rocket... you know, if you're into that :)


In Utero

Mother's Milk x Pink Platinum

In Utero (Mother’s Milk x Pink Platinum)
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Stretch during flower: Low
Aroma: Sharp/citrus/pepper to sweet/fruity/menthol
Effect: Physical/analgesic/euphoric/relaxing
Grow difficulty: Medium
Low stretch, fast flower, high yielding hybrid with plants ranging from dark maroon to light green with pink and violet speckles. 90% of these plants range from slightly to entirely purple.


Luna Leche

Strawberry Milk x Vanilluna

Luna Leche (Strawberry Milk x Vanilluna)
Indica-dominant hybrid
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Stretch during flower: Medium/Low
Aroma: Sweet/chem/vanilla/berry
Effect: Physical/narcotic/sleepy
Grow difficulty: Easy
Easy to grow, indica-dominant plants require less attention than most in the garden and reward growers with satisfying yields of highly resinous, knock-down potency plants.


Malberry Redux

DJ Short Blueberry (Jd's Afghan Selection) x Ace Malawi

We were basically recreating Malawi from Afropips here without shooting for actually recreating their version, but with that said we didn't feel right releasing something that is, on paper, so similar... even if our version is a little bit different.

Here's the description given to seedbanks by Afropips of their version, for reference:

"Malberry F1 is a strong Sativa/Indica variety based on the especially spicey psychoactive Afropips Malawi Gold (IBL). A Clean Vibrant High Combined with the short bushy 19% THC Blueberry 2000 Cup Winner (IBL). Exhibits extreme Malawi African Hybrid vigour. Indoors Malberry is characterised by its long centre cola which produces loads of crystal laden “crazy berries”. Its a high THC plant that has a Supremely Mellow & Velvety Smooth Smoke. Finishes within 75 – 90days of 12/12 indoors. Outdoors in N’ Hemisphere it finishes around the end of October. Fast & easy to grow with very good mould resistance."

The main difference we have noted actually, besides the fact that we used an Ace Malawi and a specifically purple Afghan cut of Blueberry (which seems to be described as the same stock that DJ Short offers still today) is the almost guaranteed purple/blue coloring to some degree in our version... and the smoke generally mellow at all from this cross, though we did note roughly 25% of the females were less terror-inducing for those of us with anxiety issues than the other 75% of the population... watch out, now! Playing with fire here, haha!

Photo credit: @cryptogenesis69


Moon Shoes

Yeti F4 x DJ Short Flo

Moon Shoes is a cross of F4 Yeti (aka Headband) and DJ Short’s Flo.

Flowering Time: 56-70 days

Smell/taste: Earthy/floral/musk

Effect: Dreamy/creative/happy

Photo Credit: @burtongardens_1975


PBR (aka Pineapple Black Rose)

Black Rose F10 #3 x C99 Pineapple F5

Flowering time: 8-10 Weeks
Smell/Taste: Lavender/spearmint/pineapple
Effect: Relaxed/uplifted/euphoric


Pineaple Party

Cinex x C99 Pineappl F5

Pineapple Party, formally know as LINUX is Sativa dominant hybrid of Cinex (C99 x Vortex) and F5 Pineapple C99.
8-9 week flowering time.
Tates of floral, gym socks, hash and pepper. Energetic. Most phenos are good analgesics.


Pink Pucker

Lemon Sour Berry x Pink Rose

These were made in really limited numbers, as with the rest of our crosses made using Pink Rose pollen from Second Generation Genetics. Lots of color, great narcotic effect, fast flower and very strong sour/lemon/berry terps.

8-9 week flowering time.

Photo credit: @colonialfarms


Pink Triangle

Black Triangle x Pink Platinum

Pink Triangle (Black Triangle x Pink Platinum)
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Stretch during flower: Medium
Aroma: Musk/pepper/BO
Effect: Physical/heavy/intense
Grow difficulty: Medium
This is where to look for Cookies phenotypes in the Pink Platinum crosses. Roughly half the population displays vibrant pink or dark purple coloring. Flowers grow dense and resinous with extreme potency. Some anxiety has been reported from testers so this is a cross for experienced smokers. We recommend tapering nutrients at the end of flower (if not growing organically), instead of cutting to plain water at the end, to reduce the plant’s stress response and encourage terpene production.


Platinum Funk

Strawberry Milk x Pink Platinum

Platinum Funk (Strawberry Milk x Pink Platinum)
Indica-dominant hybrid
Flowering time: 8-10 weeks
Stretch during flower: Medium/low
Aroma: Pepper/ferment/berry
Effect: Physical/relaxing/narcotic
Grow difficulty: Medium
Fast flowering hybrid with lots of colorful reds and purples during flower in a large portion of the population. 90% of these plants range from slightly to entirely purple. She’s a yielder and easy to grow, but some phenotypes are very sensitive to light. As such, along with maintaining a fully blacked-out dark cycle with no light leaks, we recommend growers either “lollipop” the plants (strip all lower nodes that do not receive intense direct light) or monitor the plants diligently during weeks 3 and 5 of flower, removing any male parts. In summary, the plants that are easy to grow are very easy to grow, but you might have to “weed out” 25% of them in a test run before flowering a full room of them without worrying about unintended pollen… but you’d do that anyway, of course, right?


Platinum Soul

Dragon Soul x Pink Platinum

Platinum Soul (Dragon Soul x Pink Platinum)
Sativa-dominant hybrid
Flowering time: 9-11 weeks
Stretch during flower: Medium
Aroma: Tropical fruit and lemon-lime soda
Effect: Uplifting/euphoric/physical
Grow difficulty: Easy
Lots of colorful and fruity sativa-dominant plants, high terpene contents across the board. Easy to grow plants, not too sensitive to feedings but can be unexpectedly hungry in early flower. We recommend tapering nutrients at the end of flower (if not growing organically), instead of cutting to plain water at the end, to reduce the plant’s stress response and encourage terpene production.


Platinum Stacks

Bandaid Haze x Pink Platinum

Platinum Stacks (Bandaid Haze x Pink Platinum)

Sativa-dominant hybrid

Flowering time: 10-12 weeks

Stretch during flower: High

Aroma: Metallic/ferment/fruit

Effect: Euphoric/energetic/uplifting

Grow difficulty: Easy

Perfect for those looking to grow longer flowering sativa hybrids without the sensitivities associated with many long flowering sativas. Not too sensitive to conditions or inputs, plants in testing showed strong resistance to powdery mildew (PM). Most plants display degrees of purpling during flower.

Photo credit: @red_danson


Sleepy Sinth

Jager x Pink Rose

Sleepy ‘Sinth is a cross of Jager and Pink Rose.
Flowering Time: 60-65 days
Smell/taste: Spice/licorice/musk/berry
Effect: Narcotic/sleepy/relaxing
Photo Credit: @jordan.morroww


Sour V

Big Chem x Vanilluna

Polyhybrd cross
Flowering time: 9-11 weeks
Stretch during flower: Medium
Aroma: Sour/floral/sweet/gas
Effect: Euphoric/physical/uplifting
Grow difficulty: Medium
Vigorous, high yielding, high potency hybrid. She’s got Chem genetics, so a portion of the genetics can be sensitive to stressors. As such, she is recommended for growers with at least enough experience to confidently maintain a stable grow environment. As the name implies, there are some super Sour phenos in there, but none as anxiety-inducing as straight Sour.


Spaced Flaw

Space Dawg x Flo

Balanced hybrid.
9 week flowering time.
Tates of gas, pine, pepper, floral, and hash. Our most balanced hybrid. Good body and mind relaxation without loss of energy, yet not too stimulating either.



Super Silver Haze x DJ Short Flo

Sativa dominant hybrid.

8-9 week flowering time.

Tastes of floral, tropical, sweet musk and hash. The Super Silver Haze mother to Second Generation Genetics’ Azure Haze was shared with us by Jd Short. After a large pheno hunt through DJ Short’s F5 Flo stock, a male was selected.

Supafly is relaxing but not sleepy. It’s a clear yet dreamy sativa, best suited for art or daydreaming.


Third Base

Pink Champagne (aka Raspberry Kush) x Pink Rose

Third Base (Pink Champagne x Pink Rose)

Flowering Time: 60-65 days

Smell/taste: Sweet/berry/musk

Effect: Narcotic/giggly/euphoric

Photo credit: @safeeakhfarms


Wake & Bake

Ace Malawi x DJ Short Flo

High octane for sativa lovers who wanna get high. Lol.

These finish around 10 weeks, not a ton of em left!

Photo Credit: @cryptogenesis69