7" Donut Body Recycler w/ 14mm Male Bowl

7" Donut Body Recycler w/ 14mm Male Bowl


These are way cool. The bowl is basic but the shape of it makes it one of my favorites to use in any of my pieces, and usually my OCD makes me use a diferent bowl for every bong 😂 


This piece feels great in your hand an can be used with more water than you'd expect without getting it in your mouth. My favotite thing about this waterpipe has to be how it can be carefully laid down on it's side without spilling water out of the mouthpiece or slide, so it doesn't have to be left standing, as it does tip fairly easily...


One in grey and one in pink, the pink one has knocker beads around the "crown" recycling chamber. I wish they sent me two pink ones... there's an obscene joke lurking there there and a funny story about a soccer mom and her license plate, by the way, but I won't be publishing either of those here.

- Greenie