Conch Shell Handpipe Steamroller 5 Inches, Red

Conch Shell Handpipe Steamroller 5 Inches, Red


First 3 pics are the "Dark Red" option, last 4 pics are of the "Light Red" option.


Ever heard a conch shell blown on the beach? Ever blown one yourself? I won't ask any more questions along those lines because I don't like where these questions seem to be leading but I'm willing to bet you've never smoked weed out of a conch shell. I haven't before getting my hands on one of these and it's pretty much as awesome as it sounds, especially if you want to get to the beach but can't for one reason or another.


Steamroller-style handpipe, this is a very unique piece. It's got a large hollow body which fills witrh smoke before the carb hole directs the smoke straight thrugh the mouthpiece with a burst of air from the opposite end, clearing the smoke after it's had a chance to cool inside the body chamber during your inhale.


This doesn't look a lot like a pipe either, so if kept clean after use it could easily sit on a coffee table or mantle without attracting a lot of attention without up-close inspection.


- Greenie