Green Work Dairy Drunk Semi-Auto Stash Tin/Sticker 10-Packs


Chaze Superauto (Cheese/Haze genetics) met our Deep Sea Creature pink/resin male and Dairy Drunk was born! The most stinky, vigorous and not-entirely-autoflowering strain we've ever made! LOL!


We outcrossed (and backcrossed in one case) Dairy Drunk to a bunch of sibling plants, so all of these are technically Deep Sea Creature incrosses (IX) with only 25% of the lineage differing from cross to cross, so there are plenty of similarities however some stark differences between the strains habe also been noted in in-house testing.


Because the Chaze "Superauto" didn't fully auto under 24/0 but flowered under 18/6 gave me a hunch and sure enough, even in these sibling incrosses which very clearly recombine the Deep Sea Creature F8 "Pink/Resin" male genetics, some individuals wouldn't be fully auto, and this is proving the case both indoors and out. Roughly 10-25% of the population does not flower under 24/0 light with adequite root space.


We're offering these as outdoor memorabilia, from the days when cannabis grew in the sun and people would be happy with vigorous, colorful, resinous, terpy and potent plants even if they don't provide a uniform crop from plant to plant. For the legal home state grower these genetics would be ideal, as you'd end up with a cycle of culling males, which makes space for the auto females which are harvested as male semi-autos show gender, and then the remaining few females can have space to stretch out and go the long haul, though from what we're seeing in early June on plants direct sewn into the ground in April, these should all finish by early to mid-September, with different females ready for harvest starting 10-12 weeks from seed germination and finishing at different times along the way to keep the stash tins bulging!


These genetics also perform excellently iondoors under 12/12 flower cycles and bring some of the best terps you can hope for along with heavy and fast yields. Some of these plants can be cloned and propogated as such for larger uniform harvests once the "less-auto" specimens are isolated.


Grab your commemorative sticker/tin pack (photos coming soon!) now and put some flash in your stash with these limited edition stash tins and sticker packs!!! 10/pack

Dairy Drunk Cross Tins

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