LORDS Ungummed Rolling Papers

LORDS Ungummed Rolling Papers


Organic / Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers (60 Leaves /Papers in a pack)


Traditional Paper Ultra-thin paper (10/11gr.). More than 50% lighter than a cigarette paper, 25% lighter than any other rolling paper.


Silky SOFT because of its textile composition, presenting white and flying ashes. SMOKING EXPERIENCE: "smoke your choice of tobacco and not paper". Glues naturally without adding gum, without adding additive because of its finesse and exclusive unique composition.


No chemical addition which will be in contact with the tongue when you want to roll. Better durability, as this paper has approximately no life span no matter how long it stays it never changes taste nor color. No risk of leaves sticking, this paper contains no hazardous or potentially hazardous ingredients.


Greenie here - If you miss your square packs of SD Club Modiano papers, these are hemp and not rice but you don't need to tear it and all that and IMHO they're par at half price.