Quartz 30mm Flat Top Banger, 14mm Male

Quartz 30mm Flat Top Banger, 14mm Male


Featuring a deep bucket and a 30mm wide bowl, this thick bottom flat top banger's thermal properties and airflow allow it to heat up fast and retain that perfect temperature long enough for several full clouds before you need to bust that torch out again.

Compatible with our terp pearls, insert dishes and all of our carb caps.


A quartz banger goes beyond durability. Quartz is nearly impossible to overheat and will bring out the best flavor in any oil. A thermal nail adds an extra barrier between the direct heat of a torch and the product. This quartz banger is designed to allow low-temperature dabs, highlighting terpene content, so the consumer tastes the rich, full flavor of his or her product.


Quartz bangers will typically not break or crack from the heat, and they stand up to repeated and extended use. Used for its hardness in the industrial sector, quartz is one of the most durable minerals known to man. Quartz is also extremely easy to care for, as a cotton swab after your dabbing session will leave the banger looking like new.


Consider adding a Quartz Carb Cap to complete your ensemble and get the most from each dabbing experience through restricting and controlling the airflow into the chamber.