Raw Natural 300's 1 1/4 Size

Raw Natural 300's 1 1/4 Size


Raw 300’s packs feature 300 papers per box, almost 10 times as many papers as most standard packs. They come in an easy-open box that slides out a small tray to reveal the creaseless papers. Creaseless papers allow you to create your own fold anywhere you like on the paper, allowing you to customize each roll. Raw Classic papers are simpler, less processed rolling papers that are unbleached for a distinctive brown color and a clean, crisp smoke.


Raw's world-changing Classic rolling papers, the same natural, unrefined papers you know and love, are now available in a pack of 300 papers! Raw 300's Classic 1 1/4 Rolling Papers is the same familiar papers that RYO enthusiasts the world over know and love, but now in a pack 6 times larger than the traditional!

Raw Classic papers transformed the smoking culture to a focus on quality and true naturalness. Following Raw's mission of providing pure, unrefined papers, these 1 1/4 wide papers are crafted from purely vegan & unbleached plant fibers, finished with a natural tree sap gumline and watermarked with Raw's proprietary crisscross imprint for a slow, smooth, even burn.

Why are they called "300's"? Because every booklet contains 300 papers! Perfect when you have a paper you love and want to keep it around without having to buy smaller booklets. With this it's just one single pack to keep close with you.